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Tutoring   Whitinsville, MA

  • 1-to-1 
  • Small groups 
  • All subjects, grades K to 5
  • Available Mondays through Fridays
  • Day-time hours available for homeschoolers 
  • After school and evening hours available
  • Sliding scale
  • MA Certified elementary teacher
  • Undergraduate and Masters degree in Education
  • 18 years as a classroom teacher, grades Kindergarten, 2nd, and 3rd.
  • 10+ years as a homeschool mom.
  • 1 year running a homeschool program for children and teens.
  • 15+ years experience as a private tutor.

I am offering a bit of a twist on tutoring.  My expertise has always been supporting children's learning needs in untraditional ways.  Movement while learning is crucial! There's plenty of research to back this statement up. It helps with focus and retention. It improves neuron connections and helps to develop different areas of the brain. It reduces anxiety, and as we know, anxiety is at a record high for this generation of children.  My tutoring space has many options for movement, and every child will be invited to move their bodies as they learn.

I have a real passion for helping children learn and feel confident. My whole adult life has been spent working with children of all ages, supporting them along their individual learning journeys.  My focus has always been to really see and hear my students, building a trusting relationship, so they feel secure and know they can have success.  If we believe in ourself, we can truly accomplish anything we imagine. My students know I believe in them.  I would love to work with your child!

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