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Intentions Agile Ministry
2022-2023 School Year
Membership Pricing and Program Details

Annual Price:  $3360 (billed monthly, 10-month billing cycle from September through June- $336/month


Trial Day:  $50/day 


There is a $48 materials/instruction fee per student, per month. We use consumable materials daily, purchase resources, and pay for outsourced teachers and experiences as needed.  

The cost per hour for our program (including the materials and supply fee) is roughly $8/hour.

*As the world changes (ex. food inflation), it may be necessary to adjust pricing accordingly.   

Included with tuition:

  • Membership to our Tuesday/Thursday drop-off program from 9:00am to 3:00pm. 

  • A monthly Parent Conversations meeting to help us all unwind from our own schooling indoctrination 

  • Ever-expanding and replenished maker spaces, including a kitchen, game room, tinker spaces, musical instruments, an arts and crafts center, outdoor equipment, and a large outdoor space to play.

  • Opportunities for the children are endless!  If they dream it, we can support them to help it come true!  

  • Community contribution allowing one child to attend on full scholarship for financial hardship. 

  • We operate as a Private Ministry Association, therefor your payments are considered a donation. (good to know for tax purposes.)

  • Legal representation to protect us from town and government overreach as more and more families pull their children from the public school system.

Volunteering:  We LOVE volunteers!  The door is always open and you are welcome to join in anytime!  

Holidays and Vacations:  View holidays, vacations, and special days HERE.

Snow Days:  We follow the Northbridge Public Schools schedule for snow delays/closings.

How the billing works: We charge your credit card one month in advance for each month. It is also possible to pay in cash. The monthly cost is $336, plus a supply fee of $48.

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