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Material's Fee

$48/month per child

Our Materials & Instructional budget covers the cost of all the offerings and interests, so don't worry about sending your child in with the materials with an out of pocket expense to you.  When they suggest they want to offer or learn something, we will sit with them, make a material's list, purchase the necessary materials, help them set up, and follow through!  We have a full kitchen, so cooking offerings are definitely available to the kids as well! 

We will also bring in outside teachers to foster interests the children have.  In speaking to other Agile Centers we have learned that the cost of bringing in outside support when needed can be quite pricey.  We don't want to limit our children's experience due to cost.  If the materials fee feels cost prohibitive for your family, please let us know so we can work something out.  We are actively setting up as a non-profit school, so receiving support from local businesses would be an avenue we can explore together. We have applied for a grant and unfortunately did not receive the first one, but will continue to pursue other grants as well.  Any support from parents with this, would be wonderful please!

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